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Sunday School at a Glance

| Fall Quarter 2020|

The subject for this quarter is Love for One Another. During these turbulent and uncertain times, this subject seems appropriate. For love is the fulfilling of the law. 

Unit 1 | Struggles with Love

From the book of Genesis, our lessons examine different types of love. The family life of Joseph shows how biased love can cause hatred in a home. As we follow Joseph through trials and tribulations, we will see obedient love and finally revealed love. 

Unit 2 | Inclusive Love

From the Old Testament, we see love that intercedes in the lives of Jonathan and David. The studies from the New Testament concern love for our enemies and our neighbors. The unit closes with the fact that love never fails. 

Unit 3 | Godly Love Among Believers

The third unit demonstrates how the first century church was characterized by people who put others before themselves. Jesus set the example as He assumed the role of servant, washing His disciples feet. Finally, James warns believers to love without partiality.