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Sunday School at a Glance

| Summer Quarter 2020|

Many Faces of Wisdom is the subject of the summer quarter. What is wisdom? How can we become wise?

Unit 1 | Wisdom in Proverbs

The roots of wisdom are introduced in proverbs. The source of wisdom is God. Solomon taught that the “fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge”. Wisdom shows us how to use knowledge to glorify God.

Unit 2 | Wisdom in the Gospels

In Unit 2, it is discussed that wisdom became incarnate in Jesus. Our lessons come from the four gospels where Jesus shows that he is the source of wisdom from boyhood to his death, burial, and resurrection.

Unit 3 | Faith and Wisdom in James

In Unit 3, the way of wisdom is examined in the book of James. Wisdom is evident by a transformed life. According to James, the quality of a person’s speech and the treatment of others is an accurate barometer of one’s pursuit of wisdom. Possessing “wisdom that is from above” inevitably yields Godly character.