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Our Ministries

In every congregation, ministry work is essential. It is by our Lord’s own example that we are encouraged to remember that we are called to serve.  Serving through ministry helps give perspective, direction, foundation, and focus to congregants of Christ’s church. As servants of Christ, we are commanded to serve, and through His church, we offer our services (ministries) to others as a demonstration of our love, loyalty, and liberty to Christ and His Church.

Deacon Ministry

Acts 6:1-7; 1 Timothy 3:8-13

The Deacon Ministry provides comprehensive services meeting needs both inside and outside the church. This ministry assists and supports the Pastor and associate ministers, ensures every member of Rockland’s congregation is served, especially when needs arise, and helps ensure the overall functionality of the church.

Youth Ministry

Ecclesiastes 12:1; Matthew 28:16-20

The youth ministry equips youth for the work of ministry through faithful training, discerning, and the exercising of their spiritual gifts, to bring them to increased knowledge of Jesus Christ and help them mature spiritually.  Youth participate in bible study class, Sunday school, the choir, as ushers, and in mission projects.