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East Fork District Association

Founded in 1875, the expressed purpose of the East Fork District Association is to assist member churches in effectively accomplishing the Great Commission. Impacting churches in Davidson, Robertson, Sumner, Trousdale, and Wilson counties,  and other surrounding areas,  the district association serves pastors, staff members, church leaders, and individual members who utilize the collective resources and opportunities provided by the association. Rockland members are actively involved in the district association serving in leadership positions and participating in various programming. 

Pennies from Heaven

The brainchild of Minister John Hirsch, the Pennies from Heaven program started as a funding program for youth activities. However, as the years went by, it would play a more significant role as it became a major funding source for mission trips and work, such as Rockland’s participation in the Convoy of Hope, an organization which travels the world to help the poor and devastated. Regularly, Minister Hirsch reminds people to grab their pennies from the cup holders and shake them from their pants, as we are preparing to do ministry work. Also, he reminds people that we happily take more than pennies. So, as you walk into Rockland’s doors, look to your left and drop your pennies and other change into the Pennies from Heaven jar.

The Bridge Ministry

Birthed from a desire to help the homeless, Candy Christmas launched the Bridge Ministry in 2004. Since it’s inception, it has helped thousands. At various times throughout the year, Rockland members gather canned food for the Bridge Ministry and serve. You can learn more about the Bridge Ministry by clicking here.