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Sunday School at a Glance

[2021-2022 Winter Quarter:  Justice, Law, History]

The subject for this quarter is Justice, Law, History. Because justice is a part of God’s character, He expects the people who follow Him to also practice justice. This quarter looks at Old Testament passages that reveal God’s desire for justice to characterize human relationships.


Unit 1 | God Requires Justice

This unit illustrates how justice proceeds from God’s own character and provides the basis for right human conduct and social order. King David fulfilled his promise to Jonathan by extending provision to his deceased friend’s son. The Messiah prophesied by Isaiah would bring perfect justice into His perfect reign. Though justice may be delayed, Nahum’s prophecies stand as a reminder that God sees and judges rightly.

Unit 2 | God: The Source of Justice
The second unit of study examines the ramifications for justice as it plays out in human life. Uncontrolled anger leads to all kinds of negative consequences. Cain and Abel are prime examples of this. God expects His justice to be applied to all people. God’s justice is for our own well-being.
Unit 3 | Justice and Adversity
God’s justice is often perverted, miscarried, and ignored –to our own peril. This unit explores how people who obey God can correct course when injustice has become the rule of the day. Christians bear the responsibility of seeking God’s justice in the face of all kinds of opposition. The final lesson from the book of Job illustrates the joy and life we find when we return to harmony with God’s justice.