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Sunday School at a Glance

[2022 Summer Quarter:  Partners in a New Creation]

As summer arrives with new life and blossoms, our spirits are lifted, and we can enjoy the warm sunny days upon God’s earth. What a blessing to realize that God has given us an opportunity to share in the re-creating, reconciling, and rightly restoring of all things in the eternal reign of God.


Unit 1 | God Delivers and Restores

Our four lessons come from the book of Isaiah. We will look back to the future as Isaiah prophesied the coming oppression by Babylon. He also spoke of hope for restoration and a time of peace for the faithful of Israel. That peace was temporary while a permanent peace would come through Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God.

Unit 2 | The Word: The Agent of Creation

The Gospel of John pictures the ministry of Jesus as more than His journey to the cross. As the light of the world, Jesus shines brightly for “grace and truth” (John 1:14). Grace and truth are evident in Jesus’ miracles. The healing of the nobleman’s son and the resurrection of Lazarus are examples. Finally, the promise by Jesus to send The Holy Spirit as “the Spirit of truth” completes his ministry.

Unit 3 | The Great Hope of The Saints
Our final unit comes from the book of Revelation as we look for the future that awaits us. New Jerusalem, a city of extraordinary magnificence and permanence, is John’s vision for the future. There the King of kings will welcome all who have kept His commandments to eternal life with Him!!!